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3 Layer RED with Black Markings Plush Naughty Bear Suit with Locking Zipper #2

3 Layer RED with Black Markings Plush Naughty Bear Suit with Locking Zipper #2

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This is an adult custom-sized locking bear punishment suit. It will have a solid head (no eye holes, locking mouth zipper), and a locking zipper running from the back of the head, down the body, to the crotch, and up to the waist in the lower front of the pajama. There will be *5 locking zipper heads so you can open the bottom of the pajama, while keeping the rest of it on. The sleeves are shortened and fully enclosed, and will keep your arms bent, with your hands touching your shoulders. The legs will be positioned as "shorties", so that your knees are kept in a bent position.

This will take some SPECIAL additional measurements, so please let me know if you have any questions taking the measurements.

The outter layer will be a plush sherpa, with a white sherpa tummy patch. There will be a layer of padding inside, and then the inner layer will be another layer of plush sherpa to keep it super soft and comfy.

I will need the following measurements in inches, to make this for you:



thigh (all the way around the top of 1 leg)

torso (starting at the side of your neck, on your shoulder, measure down, thru your legs, up your backside, to end at your shoulder/neck)



shoulder to crotch

crotch to floor

shoulder to floor

sleeve (start at the side of your neck where it meets your shoulder, and measure over to the edge of your shoulder, and continue down your relaxed arm to your wrist)

foot length, and widest part of your foot


EXTENDED TORSO: (taken like a regular torso measurement, but sit with your legs folded (criss cross apple sauce style), and include them in the measurement.

EXTENDED BICEP: bend your arm and put your hand on your shoulder, and now include that when you measure your bicep area

EXTENDED THIGH: while sitting criss cross apple sauce, measure around the largest part of your thigh (to include your calf)

*Please check out the individual pictures to make sure you take these measurements in the correct place.

Once I have all of these measurements I will get the fabrics ordered. When the fabrics arrive, I should be able to get started on it. I can keep you updated with pictures of the progress, and of course pictures when it's finished.

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